What I Do

"For Those to Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected"

I am a technical rep/engineer at the Department of Petroleum Resources (Petroleum Regulatory Agency of Nigeria). I have many years hands-on experience in engineering, project management, information and communications technology - this is on top of a sound business knowledge of telecommunications, energy, petroleum and gas for more than ten years. 


Currently engaged with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Lagos. DPR has the statutory responsibility of ensuring compliance to petroleum laws, regulations and guidelines in the Oil and Gas Industry. The discharge of these responsibilities involves monitoring of operations at drilling sites, producing wells, production platforms and flow stations, crude oil export terminals, refineries, storage depots, pump stations, retail outlets, any other locations where petroleum is either stored or sold, and all pipelines carrying crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.

My current primary responsibilities includes, but are not limited to, monitoring of crude oil production & export (deep offshore FPSO terminals) in the Gulf of Guinea; enforcing regulations based on the Nigeria petroleum law for quality control, quantity certification, crude oil storage, gas flaring, offloading practices and environmental safety on all deep offshore installations; etc.


I am an expert in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and have been playing this game for approximately 20 years. Because non-profit technology is an emerging body of knowledge and practice that promotes effective use of technology by organizations to advance their mission, I see not only community technology as the most powerful tool for revitalization, but only as powerful as the people who use it.

Both non-profit and community technology are evolving, complex and have a profound impact on the people, organizations and communities where we live and work. Being an expert in this, my non-profit technology philosophy is based on two basic principles. First, I believe the organization’s mission, not technology, should drive the use of technology. Second, strategies to use technology should build organizational capacity, not reliance.


Based on these principles, I have the formula to create a holistic technology roadmap, establish new processes, develop leadership, and strengthen any organization’s ability to succeed. I employ a holistic approach to community technology that considers not only the technological tools – websites, databases, networks, geographic information systems (GIS) and the like, but also the context and surrounding environment within which these tools are used.


I am a qualified programme and project manager - my approach to project and programme management services is centred on strengthening developmental and capacity building. I do not only bring my vast experience in areas of housing and construction management, economic development, education, and the like, but I also engage with organisations and other professionals as partners and integral stakeholders, recognizing the value of incorporating their experience. I have worked successfully with major organisations, federal and state government agencies, foundations and non-profit organizations to strengthen organizational management capacity.

My project and programme management experience ranges from project development and meeting services – I also offer strategic input to programme design and implementation as well as overall programme management for development initiatives.


I am an expert in intellectual and knowledge management - I partner with those operating in a knowledge management driven environments. I have also been involved in a broad variety of Knowledge Management System (KMS) Development assignments both in the UK and Nigeria for many years.

I am qualified to use various knowledge management tools, for example: Groupware systems & KM 2.0, The intranet and extranet, Data warehousing, data mining, & OLAP, Decision Support Systems, Content management systems, Document management systems, Artificial intelligence tools, Simulation tools, Semantic networks, etc.